Memphis Bar Foundation


The Memphis Bar Foundation was established in 1982 by eighteen charter fellows to serve as the philanthropic arm of the Memphis Bar Association.  The Memphis Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, which provides a platform for attorneys and others in the legal profession to give back to the community through tax-deductible contributions.  The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directions, who serve a two-year term.  The Memphis Bar Foundation is housed at and receives staff support from the Memphis Bar Association.

Charter Fellows

  • Richard H. Allen, Sr.
  • James T. Bland, Jr.
  • Irvin Bogatin
  • Lucius E. Burch, Jr.
  • James D. Causey
  • Ross B. Clark, II
  • Herbert Glazer
  • Eugene Greener
  • J. Fraser Humphreys, Jr.
  • W. Emmett Marston
  • Charles L. Neely
  • J. Woodrow Norvell
  • George S. Petkoff
  • John S. Porter
  • D. Beecher Smith
  • Miles Standefer
  • S. Shepherd Tate
  • James W. Watson


  • Promote philanthropy among members of the Memphis Bar Association
  • Advocate and support public awareness of the legal system
  • Promote social justice and legal education
  • Encourage and recognize professionalism among members of the Memphis Bar Association


The Foundation fulfills its mission in several ways:


The Foundation annually nominates attorneys and judges to become Fellows.  Nominees are chosen based on their devoted and distinguished service to the legal profession and the administration of justice and their adherence to the highest standards of professional ethics and personal conduct.  Distinguised List of Memphis Bar Foundation Fellows


The Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations to support projects and programs.  Over the years, the Foundation has awarded grants to:

  • Support legal services for the working poor
  • Provide a safe, secure environment for children to visit with their non-custodial parent
  • Publish a manual outlining jurors’ rights and responsibilities
  • Support Memphis Area Legal Services and Community Legal Center
  • Cover stipends for the Summer Legal Intern Program
  • Pay the filing costs for expungement & restoration of citizenship rights for those unable to pay
  • Provide information about the legal system to non-English speakers
  • Assist lawyers and others in the legal profession with problems such as stress, depression and substance abuse

Benjamin L. Hooks Award

The Foundation presents the Benjamin L. Hooks Award to an attorney or judge whose activities, both locally and on a national level, have significantly contributed to social justice and professionalism in the law.  The award was first presented in 1998 to Benjamin L. Hooks, for whom it was named.  The second recipient was the Hon. Bernice Bouie Donald, who was honored with the award in 2002.  Other recipients of the award are S. Shepherd Tate, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and A.C. Wharton.

Bogatin Scholarships

The Irvin Bogatin Social Justice Award and the Irvin Bogatin Scholarship are sponsored by the Bogatin Fund, created by the family and friends of the late Irvin Bogatin to honor his legacy of pursuing social justice. Mr. Bogatin was a Charter Fellow and first President of the Memphis Bar Foundation. He also helped to found Memphis Area Legal Services and served as President of the Memphis Bar Association from 1971-72. The recipients of the award and scholarship are selected by the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.


Help the Memphis Bar Foundation increase its ability to impact the community, other attorneys, and children by:

  • Including a voluntary contribution of $25 with payment of your Memphis Bar Association dues
  • Making a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation in support of its work or in honor or memory of a legal professional
  • Making a multi-year commitment to help create an endowment fund for the Foundation
  • Including a provision in your (or a client’s) will leaving a bequest to the Foundation
  • Telling others about the Foundation and its work and encouraging them to contribute



Board of Directors of Memphis Bar Foundation

President - Phyllis Aluko

Vice PresidentBeth Bradley

Treasurer - Linda Nettles Harris

SecretaryKim Mullins


Kevin Bruce

Prince Chambliss

Monice Hagler

Hon. Gina Higgins

Andrea Malkin

Linda Mathis

Vincent Miraglia

Terrence Reed

Ruby Wharton    

Ex Officio - Marc Reisman, Immediate Past President

Peter Gee - President,
Memphis Bar Association

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