Membership and Community

Committees focus on the function of the Memphis Bar Association and often serve as a bridge between the MBA and our surrounding community. Every member is encouraged to join a committee that interests them. From Access to Justice to Bench Bar, committees are a great way to network, and promote the values of the legal profession. 

You can sign up for a committee when you become an MBA member; you can also adjust your committees by logging into your account here.

Section Leadership - 2020

Access to Justice

Chair: Danielle Woods

Alternative Work Arrangements

           Chair: Andrea Malkin

Bench Bar Conference

Chair: Judge Bobby Carter
Chair: Adam Johnson
Vice Chair: Matt May
Vice Chair: Judge Herd


Co Chairs: Josh Walls 
                 Anne Davis

Excellence in Decision-Making

Chair: Hon. JoeDae Jenkins

Executive Committee

President: Lucie Brackin
Vice President: Peter Gee
Secretary/Treasurer: Tannera Gibson
YLD President: Sarah Pazar Williams
Members: Matt May, Will Perry, Jennifer Sink, Josh Wallis

Judicial Practice & Procedure

Chair: David Wade

Law Week & Outreach

Chair: Danielle Irvine
Vice Chair: Patrick Morris


Co Chairs: Laquita Stokes
                  Bailey Walden


Chair: Yvonne Chapman
Vice Chair: Lauran Stimac


Chair: Sean Hunt
Vice Chair: Jake Strawn


Co Chairs: Terrence Reed
                  Laurie Christensen


Co Chairs: Patrick Quinn
                  Anne Hamer


Co Chairs: Dawn Campbell
                  CC Drayton

Summer Law Intern Program

Chair: Quinton Thompson
 Vice Chair Zayid Saleem


Chair: Christy Washington
Vice Chair: Oscar Carr

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