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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble registering for a CLE, what should I do?

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What are Tennessee's Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements?

Each attorney must complete a total of fifteen (15) hours of CLE, which must consist of no less than twelve (12) General hours and three (3) Ethics/Professionalism hours (or Dual hours) per year. For the years 2019 through 2021 all hours can be earned online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the latest I can get my hours without penalty?

The CLE compliance year runs from January 1 to December 31.  Compliance must be obtained by December 31 or you will be assessed a $100.00 penalty.  You have until March 31 to claim an exemption though.

What if I don't have my hours by December 31st?

You will owe a $100 non-completion fee, and you will still be required to complete the required hours.  The hours you earn following the close of the compliance year will first go toward you shortage, then will count toward the new compliance year.

I passed the February Tennessee Bar Exam this year. Must I also complete 15 hours of CLE?

You have a CLE obligation the year you pass the February Bar Exam  but the Commission on CLE will award you the required fifteen (15) hours of CLE credit to fulfill that CLE obligation.   If you were not sworn in prior to September 1, then you should contact the Commission on CLE.

I passed the July Tennessee Bar Exam this year. Must I also complete 15 hours of CLE?

Because you did/will not receive your results until October, you do not have a CLE obligation the year you passed the July Tennessee Bar Exam. You will receive your fifteen (15) hours of CLE credit the year following your passage of the bar exam regardless of when you are sworn in. See Rule 21 §4.06.

What does it mean if a course shows "Dual" credits?

"Dual" credits are CLE credits that can be applied toward either the Ethics & Professionalism or the general CLE requirement.   Hours will be reflected as Dual until the end of the compliance year when our system will first apply Dual credit hours toward the three hour Ethics requirement.  Any remaining Dual credit hours will go toward the twelve (12) hours General requirement.

I am over sixty-five (65) and was born prior to 1950. Am I now exempt from CLE?

No.  The AGE exemption is not automatic.  It must be requested.   An attorney born in 1949 or earlier is eligible to claim the Age Exemption by filing a request with the CLE Commission.

An attorney born in 1950 or later is eligible to claim the age exemption the year after the year in which the attorney turns 70 years of age.   An attorney shall submit a written request for age exempt status to the Commission listing their Board of professional Responsibility number. and requesting the age exemption.   Rule 21 § 2.03(c)

Is it possible to have the non-completion or suspension fees waived?

Fees can be waived only when they were assessed erroneously and the attorney was in CLE compliance by December 31 (all hours were earned and all fees were paid).  See Rule 21 § 7.  An attorney may request Exceptional Relief by completing the Request for Exceptional Relief provided upon request from the CLE Commission. See Rule 21 § 2.04

I lived outside of Tennessee and did not practice Tennessee law during the compliance year. Am I exempt from CLE?

You are eligible to claim the non-resident exemption on the back on the Annual Report Statement mailed to you the last day of February.   If you do not annually claim the exemption for the compliance year, you will not receive the exemption and will be expected to complete your fifteen (15) hour requirement.

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