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Posted by: Patrick Hillard on Jun 29, 2020



Bar Unity March Speech Patrick J. Hillard, Esq.  June 24, 2020 
Howdy Folks, my name is Patrick Hillard and I will be speaking on behalf of myself.  After I speak, we will have 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence.  I want each of you to look at the person to your left, and the person to your right, and understand what it means to truly be united. 

To stand united against racism.  To stand united against injustice.  To stand united against inequality.  To be one. A single note doesn’t make a song, and a single voice doesn’t carry a movement.  We need each and every one of your voices to help move this forward.  We need you to speak up in rooms where someone else’s scream is not being heard.  Your voice may change that room; together our voice will change the world.  We can do this.  We will do this. 

 Ask yourselves during that 8 minutes and 46 seconds what can you do?  What will you do?  Ask yourself why have you been silent in the past?  Ask yourself why did you laugh at that “awkward joke” or even worse, tell it.  Ask yourself why when a 4 year old mentions the boogie man under their bed you go and check for it, yet you won’t check for the boogie man in your board rooms. 

 People, we won’t get through this unless we are united.  We won’t get through this unless we stand together.  Take this 8 minutes and 46 seconds and let it be the last time you are silent about any of these issues.  Let it be the last time you are silent in the face of racism, in the face of systemic racism.  8 minutes and 46 seconds is about to feel like an eternity.  After it’s finished, make sure you don’t waste another second.  Thank you.   


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