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Why Young Lawyers' Division (YLD)?

You may be asking yourself why should you take the time and make the effort to get involved with the MBA YLD. It’s a good question with a simple answer. The people. The relationships you foster with your colleagues will become valuable to you not only in your professional career, but also your personal life. As someone who was reluctant to get involved after graduating law school, I can tell you it’s worth it.

- Adam Johnson, 2017 YLD President

When I moved to Memphis, I only knew one person so I immediately joined the MBA and became active in various committees as well as the Young Lawyers Division. Being an MBA member has allowed me to build a vast network of attorneys who I can turn to when I have a legal question or just need advice on how to balance work and personal life.  

- Nicole Grida, YLD Past President

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2016 YLD Golf Tournament

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