Public Resources

The Memphis Bar Association does not refer members of the public to attorneys and cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice. However, under Find a Lawyer, you may search our members by name, firm, practice area, section, languages spoken, or city. For instance, if you wanted a lawyer who does civil litigation, you would select that option under practice and click search. A list of attorneys who handle civil litigation will then appear. 

MBA members also provide free legal advice at different clinics on a regular basis. To view a list of clinic dates and locations visit our Free Legal Advice page.

If your place of worship, organization or community group would like a lawyer to speak to you about an area of the law - or if you are interested in hosting a legal clinic - contact Anne Fritz at 901.527.3575 or afritz [at] memphisbar [dot] org.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

A good rule of thumb is that you may want to consult with a lawyer when your liberty, money or property is at stake, or you are unsure of your legal rights or the legal process. Many attorneys provide free consultations where you can discuss your specific situation with them. In addition, there are several free legal clinics where you can get advice and find out if you need to hire a lawyer. Click here for a listing of those clinics.

Some of the common situations in which consulting with a lawyer may be advisable would be if:

  • You are charged with a crime (if you are indigent, the court will appoint a lawyer to represent you);
  • You are being sued or have received a summons in a lawsuit;
  • You were involved in a serious accident;
  • You need or want to file for divorce, especially when children are involved;
  • You think you want to file for bankruptcy or need information about filing a bankruptcy;
  • You need or want a will;
  • You have been fired from your job;
  • You want to start a business;
  • You need or want to negotiate a business deal;
  • You are being denied benefits, such as SSI;
  • You are being evicted from your home.

It is best to consult an attorney as soon as possible so he or she can give you advice that could help you save time, trouble and money by preventing problems before they arise. If you wait, you may also miss important deadlines to take action or respond to or file a lawsuit.