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WHO: Volunteers from the Memphis legal community

WHAT: Visit schools, businesses and civic organizations in Memphis & Shelby County to educate the public about the importance of a fair and impartial justice system and the rule of law.

WHEN: January-December 2012

WHERE: Our goal is to visit 200 groups in the Memphis area.

HOW: Contact the MBA office at 901.527.3573 to volunteer or to schedule a visit from a "Law Rules" speaker. You can also request a speaker online. Click here.

Above, MBA President Gary Smith presents "Law Rules" to members of The Marston Group in February of 2012. 

Join us Thursday, November 8, 2012, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the main public library (3030 Poplar Ave) in meeting room C for a Law Rules Public Forum led by Judge Gina Higgins of Shelby County Circuit Court and attorneys Tommy Parker and Porter Feild. Click here to read more and spread the word!

Request a Speaker

To request a speaker online now, please fill out this form. For more information and to speak with someone to schedule a visit, contact MBA Executive Director Anne Fritz at or 901.527.3573.

Click here to view a partial list of groups who have heard the "Law Rules" presentation.

Speaker Materials

Click here to view a snapshot of the speaker materials to learn more about the Law Rules program before you book your presentation or volunteer as a speaker. If you would like to volunteer, contact Anne Fritz at or 901.527.3573 to obtain a complete copy of the training materials. 

Media Coverage

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MBA Program Teaches the Importance of a Fair & Impartial Justice System & the Rule of Law

The Memphis Bar Association, led by 2012 President Gary Smith, Secretary Tommy Parker and member Porter Feild, has developed a community outreach program entitled “Law Rules: The Importance of the American Legal System.” The goal of the program is to put members of the MBA before classrooms, civic and church groups, and business/professional organizations to educate the general public on the importance of a fair and impartial justice system and the rule of law.

“We want to speak to every school, religious organization, business organization, political organization, social organization, community organization, and any other organization that will be gracious enough to provide us an audience,” said Gary Smith, 2012 MBA President. “We want to inform the public about the importance of judicial system, the rule of law, and the important role that lawyers play in our society.”

With a goal of 200 speaking engagements in 2012, the MBA is currently seeking volunteers to lead the discussions as well as venues and groups for “Law Rules” speakers to address.

“I believe that our message will be well received even as we recognize that the general publics’ attitude toward the judicial branch of government is founded largely by lack of exposure to it,” Smith said. “That lack of exposure leads to lack of understanding and that is a gap that we can and should eradicate.”

Handouts and talking points are available for speakers. Volunteers are expected to address at least one group, and it may be a group chosen by the individual volunteer. Additionally, speakers may choose to work alone or in the company of a team of speakers.

The material will be revised so that each audience will hear a presentation geared specifically to their age group and stage of life, whether high school students or business professionals.

“Hopefully, the outreach initiative will foster a better understanding and appreciation of the services provided by judges and lawyers,” said Smith.


If you would like to volunteer as a speaker for the "Law Rules" program, please contact MBA Executive Director Anne Fritz at or 901.527.3573.


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