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Memorial Service 2011

The Annual Memorial Service sponsored by the Memphis Bar Association will be held on Tues., April 26, noon, Calvary Episcopal Church. This year's honorees include:

Jim Balentine (3/31/2011)
James E. “Jeb” Blount (2/22/2011)
Frederick T. Carney (11/19/2010)
Charles Pittman Cobb (6/1/2010)
Pamela Cobb (12/21/2010)
Ray Michael Collins (3/13/20 l1)
Charles R. “Ronnie” Curbo (9/10/2010)
Charles Metcalf Crump (8/9/2010)
Don A. Dino ( 10/17/2010)
Francis E. Dichtel (12/31/2010)
Wayne Emmons (9/10/2010)
B.R. “Bill” Hester (8/6/2010)
William H.D. Fones, Sr. (12/23/2010)
Sylvia Abraham Holder (9/28/2010)
James Bishop Johnson (8/16/2010)
Paul E. Lewis (4/30/2010)
Eugene D. Lyne (11/27/2010)
Crawford McDonald (2/26/2011)
Henry Warren Miller, Jr. (1/1/2011)
Dan Stewart Murrell (12/5/2010))
William Ernest Norcross (1/1/2011)
William Wheeler Parish (1/15/2011)
Philip L. Peeler (5/13/2010)
Robert Everett Rose (2/7/2011)
Father Joseph Laughlin Tagg III (3/19/2011)
James Minor Tait, Jr. (5/8/2010)

If you know a member of the Memphis legal community who should be included among the honorees or you would like to write a memorial statement about any of the honorees, please contact Mary Lynes at or 901.527.3573.


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