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Circuit Court

Circuit Court of Tennessee for the Thirtieth Judicial District at Memphis
140 Adams Avenue,
Room 224
Memphis, TN 38103
Tel: (901) 545-4006
Fax: (901) 545-4723

Clerk's Offices:
2nd floor of 140 Adams, and
942 Mt. Moriah,
Suite A
Memphis, TN 38117
Tel: (901) 685-9992
Fax: (901) 685-9856

Circuit Court Judges:
Div.1 Hon. John R. McCarroll, Jr.
Div.2 Hon. James F. Russell
Div.3 Hon. Karen R. Williams
Div.4 Hon. Lorrie K. Ridder
Div.5 Hon. Kay S.Robilio
Div.6 Hon. Jerry Stokes
Div.7 Hon. Donna M. Fields
Div.8 Hon. D'Army Bailey
Div.9 Hon. Robert L. Childers

Jimmy Moore


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145 Court Avenue #301
Memphis, TN 38103

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