Lawyer's Lawyer and Sam A. Myar, Jr. Awards

Posted on September 7th, 2017

Lawyer's Lawyer and Sam A. Myar, Jr. Awards 

Nominations for the Judge Jerome Turner Lawyer's Lawyer Award and the Sam A. Myar, Jr. Memorial Award are now being accepted.

The Lawyer's Lawyer Award is presented annually to a Memphis Bar Association member who has practiced law for more than 15 years and who during that timehas exemplified the aims and aspirations embodied in the Guidelines for Professional Courtesy and Conduct. In 2000, the award was renamed in honor of Judge Jerome Turner, during whose presidency of the MBA, the Guidelines were developed. You can download the nomination form here.

A nominee for the Sam A. Myar, Jr. Memorial Award should be 40 years of age or younger, a member of the Memphis Bar Association, and have rendered outstanding personal service to the Memphis Shelby County legal profession and community. You can download the nomination form here.

Past Lawyer's Lawyer Recipients  
2010 David M. Cook
2012 Lewis Donelson
2013 James R. Garts
2014 Ruby Wharton
2015 Joe Duncan
2016 William H. Haltom, Jr.

Past Sam A. Myar, Jr. Recipients 
2010 Craig Conley
2011 Lucie Brackin
2012 Marcy Magee
2013 Stacie Winkler
2014 Emily Turner Landry
2015 Jennifer S. Hagerman
2016 Annie Christoff


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