In existence since 1874, the Memphis Bar Association is a voluntary association of attorneys and judges.

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The Memphis Bar Association conducted Judicial Qualification Poll for the candidates in contested judicial, court clerk and District Attorney General elections on the August 7th ballot, as well as the appellate retention races. The poll asked attorneys to select the one candidate in each race whom they felt was best qualified to serve.  If an attorney did not know the candidates’ qualifications or had no opinion, he/she was instructed to mark “no opinion.”  Review the complete results.


(*indicates new judge)

Circuit Court

Division 1 – Felicia Corbin-Johnson*

Division 2 – James F. Russell

Division 3 – D’Army Bailey*

Division 4 – Gina C. Higgins

Division 5 – Rhynette Northcross Hurd*

Division 6 – Jerry Stokes (uncontested)

Division 7 – Donna M. Fields (uncontested)

Division 8 – Robert “Bob” Weiss

Chancery Court

Part 1 – Walter L. Evans

Part 2 – Jim Kyle*

Part 3 – Kenny Armstrong (uncontested)

Probate Court

Division 1 – Kathleen N. Gomes

Division 2 – Karen D. Webster

Criminal Court

Division 1 – Paula Skahan

Division 2 – Glenn Wright (uncontested)

Division 3 – Bobby Carter

Division 4 – Carolyn Wade Blackett (uncontested)

Division 5 – Jim Lammey

Division 6 – John W. Campbell

Division 7 – Lee V. Coffee

Division 8 – Chris Craft (uncontested)

Division 9 – Mark Ward

Division 10 – James C. Beasley, Jr. (uncontested)

General Sessions Civil Court

Division 1 – Lynn Cobb

Division 2 – Phyllis B. Gardner

Division 3 – John A. Donald

Division 4 – Deborah A. Henderson (uncontested)

Division 5 – Betty Thomas Moore

Division 6 – Lonnie Thompson

General Sessions Criminal Court

Division 7 – Bill Anderson, Jr.

Division 8 – Tim J. Dwyer

Division 9 – Gerald Skahan*

Division 10 – Chris Turner

Division 11 – Karen L. Massey

Division 12 – S. Ronald (Ron) Lucchesi*

Division 13 – Louis Montesi (uncontested)

Division 14 – Larry Potter

Division 15 – Loyce Lambert Ryan (uncontested)

Juvenile Court Judge – Dan Holman Michael

District Attorney General – Amy Weirich

Circuit Court Clerk – Jimmy Moore

Criminal Court Clerk – Richard L. DeSaussure, III

Juvenile Court Clerk – Joy Touliatos

Probate Court Clerk – Paul Boyd

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The Memphis Bar Association upholds high standards of integrity and honor in the legal profession. We encourage and assist lawyers in maintaining and improving their competence so they can better serve their clients and the public. We assist in making legal services available to all in the community who need such services. We aid and educate the public with reference to the law and the administration of justice. We exert the Association's influence in connection with issues involving the profession of law and the administration of justice to the end that it will enhance the quality of life in the community. We cultivate a spirit of good fellowship among members of the legal profession.